Earth-Friendly Custom Garage & Home

Let the crew at Eco-Smart Design and Construction LLC in Spokane, Washington, build you a beautiful custom home and garage. When you work with us, your structure is tailored to your specifications.

Comfortable & Attractive Garages

Design a garage that is fully finished with no bare studs. Tell us exactly what you want, and our crew can match your garage to the inside of your house. You can even have heating or a television installed.

Multiple options are available. You are able to choose all of the features for your building, from the type of siding material to the garage door opener.

To save you time and money on garage additions, our crew detaches and lifts the existing roof. After that, we build the structure underneath.

Eco-Friendly Homes

Move in to a home that is easier to operate. From design to completion, our company handles your entire home improvement project.

Let us build you a more environmentally friendly home. Our crew is committed to using renewable resources as well as formaldehyde-free carpet and low-VOC paint to avoid unhealthy gases. On driveway replacement projects, the existing surface is torn up and the concrete is crushed and recycled.

Efficient Heating & Cooling

Position your house for increased energy gain. This allows you to use the eaves for shading in the summer heat. You are also able to choose different heating techniques that use the sun, including solar panels and water heaters. In addition, our company uses the ground as a heat sink for both the heating and cooling systems.

Contact us in Spokane, Washington, to build a more energy-efficient home.